Emphysema Treatment

Emphysema is a disease of the lungs. When a person has emphysema the alveolar walls of the lungs are destroyed with the capillary blood vessels that run within them. Unfortunately this situation lessens the total area within the lung where blood and air can come together to provide oxygen to our bloodstream. There can also be inflammation of the small airways that makes it very difficult for air to flow to the alveoli. At our Bakersfield clinic we treat patients with emphysema to make them more comfortable and to limit the damage that emphysema causes.

It must be noted that emphysema is not curable and we cannot reverse the damage already done. However, we can preserve lung function. Our goal at Elias Medical in Bakersfield is to improve the quality of life for our patient and to limit the effects of emphysema on our lives. If you have breathing difficulties, especially if you have been a smoker, you should be assessed as soon as possible for emphysema.

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